From Bedroom to Business

Very excited to announce this event with the founder of the London School of Sound - Federico Bersano Begey.

From Bedroom to Business will give you all the skills you need to earn an income from the work you do with your music!!!

This is an incredible opportunity that should not be missed! Sunday the 11th of March at the Te Atatu Peninsula Community Centre

Thank you to The Crescendo Trust Of Aotearoa for putting this on!

Topics covered:

·  Music production and sound engineering.

·  The songwriting process and composition.

·  Introduction to music business and how to take your bedroom beats and start making a move into the industry.

·  Encouragement for young people and their care-givers that this is a legitimate career path (please encourage young people to bring parents and guardians if they think it might help them to be more supportive of their pursuit of work in music / creative industries)

·  Royalties, licensing, APRA NZ, how to make a living doing what you love.

·  How to stand out in a digital / saturated market. Online marketing, changes in the industry, how record companies work, self-promotion, management, distribution, etc.

·  Advice on DAWS, hardware, home studio set up, instruments, plug ins, etc.

·  General knowledge, inspiration and encouragement from someone who started out in a band, signed with a record company, went on tour, started a music school.

·  There will also be a live demonstration of building a song in Logic to show the process and to provide an example of the key points of the talk as well as helpful clips, videos and links.

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